Rubbish Rhymes

Regularly involved in literary crimes.
I'll write any rubbish, as long as it rhymes.

With rhyming schemes and meaning 'plastic'.
I'm toying with the Hudibrastic.

Enjoying time, writing rhyme, secular and scientific.
Rendering some ordered thought, nothing more specific.



Walking on the moon. Tripling our longevity.
The achievements of our intellect, reward the highest dignity.

Credit no-one else. No lowering of the tone.
Humans are amazing. We did it on our own.


Meditative Creative

Devoted to the magical beauty of the world
Learn all the science, there is to know
Devoted to the magical beauty of the world
Nam myoho renge kyo


Karma Lama

The key to success, was described by John Nash.
He mathematically proved 'Karma' with his Equilibrium math.

An elusive obvious, that some will berate.
But, 100 trillion cells, still co-operate.



The big bang, inflation, matter, stars and the black hole.
The super massive ones, hold galaxies, spinning under their control.

Larger stars explode as Super Novae, releasing their fused elements.
A solar system like ours, can be made, from a fraction of its contents.

Gases now compress, igniting a star in a fusion reaction.
The planets are accreted from remains, by gravitational attraction.

Once cooled, almost immediately, life begins to grow.
Amino acids begin to start, evolution as we know.

If all time passed, were a year, we'd hardly exist within it.
Humans have only been around, for the last few minutes.


Theory Query

Explaining science in a rhyme.
It's quicker than a pantomime.

A thousand theories proved every time.
When a plane takes off and starts to climb.


Trees Please

In the next 100 years, from 400 back to 250.
How can we design, self replicating, exponentially growing machinery?

Aliens will not halt us for a day, to make us take responsibility.
How can we grow, per year, 40 billion tonnes of tree?

And if there's not enough room, on the land, politically.
How can we grow the whole lot, 25 thousand miles around, at sea?

400 billion extra trees, by 25 thousand divide.
Planted at 10 feet apart, it's only 56 miles wide.

Conservation is ridiculous. Hippie, hug that tree.
For every one, cut down now, we must plant thirty three.

Making a commitment. The ice caps to re-freeze.
A new currency based on carbon, sequestered in trees.


After Life

Feynman, Einstein, Darwin and Newton.
In spirit still alive, although they've physically long gone.

People who were curious and found powerful ways to give.
We may not live forever, but forever we will always have lived.


Dear Gene Pool

The soul, I say, just a fear of mortality.
It makes us behave with respect and morality.

That neural fault serves you. I get the gist :)
A self centred delusion. The soul doesn't exist.

With our advanced neo-cortex, we've mastered collaboration.
You want us set free, from your manipulation.

If we manage our passions, to fight and to screw.
We could live to six thousand, eight hundred and two.

With that extra time, vast knowledge to hold.
The hierarchy of the universe, watch it unfold.

Those DNA strands, they'll still pull us like puppets.
You need us to seed life, on other planets.

Here is our purpose. The collective life meaning.
To align with you, Gene Pool, by learning and leaving.

Maybe there's a twist. Another great plan.
Anyway, thanks, for making me man ;)



While making our environment for our comfort and health.
It looks like we've spoiled it for everything else.

Some say it's too complicated. It can't be understood.
Science shows the way, as our politicians should.

Then with mastery, we can move through our environment safe.
Without affecting anything else, if we choose to be brave.

We can't reject human progress, to allow all else to thrive.
Ninety percent of us gone, the rest only live to 25?



I started writing a rhyme, about relationships and the selfish gene.
Where testosterone attracts women, to men that are mean.
But this says so much more, than I could ever say.
Another ten packets of pencils! I might become as good one day.



There is no confusion, there is no frustration.
The universe rewards co-operation.

The happiest people, those most astute,
learn a science and contribute.


God Of War

At least one hundred thousand dead, three trillion in arrears.
Enough to fund, manned missions to Mars, for six hundred years.

Zubrin had an answer. A plan set in place.
When will we prepare, to risk the life, of one member of the human race?

How would you explain it to a higher intelligence?
Burning our best resource in the pursuit of vengeance.


You KIP going backwards

Shrinking from co-operation, when the consequences are dire.
Absorbed in selfish nonsense, while the planet catches fire.

I've been through all the policies... Emotive trash.
I've just joined the lib dems and donated cash.

The problem is not people. A resource in immigration.
How can we employ such resource to win? The problem? Our imagination.



Some try to claim that Atheism, is some form of religion.
If this were true, then abstinence would be a sex position.

Atheism is evidential. Like science, it has its perks.
Science is a transcendent tool, 747s fly, it works.

Science has taken man, six times, to land safely on the moon.
Is it now time for 'Xfactor' courts? Acquittal by singing a tune.



Here's an interesting question, I like to offer for debate.
Which of our leaders, would be the most likely to date?

I'm absolutely serious, I don't mean to pull your leg.
Milliband, Cameron or is it Nick Clegg?

The human limbic system has been stretched until it fails.
All of these men self-evidently, are the ultimate 'Alpha' males.


Money Rocks

Money is amazing. The drive of human progress.
Spend it on your wants and needs, or your friends, to impress.

If the earth is a space ship, it needs work on its roof.
Where is the strong leadership and the undeniable proof?

Capitalism drives value, in non tangible shares and stocks.
A ship without a rudder, ends up on the rocks.

Of course, it's 'Biblical Capitalism'. A 'god' is in control.
Where talk of gay marriage, puts the banks in a hole.

Kennedy gave it purpose. Put man up on the moon.
Now the earth needs help, but no one's coming soon.

My eyes roll to the ceiling. An atheist in overwhelm.
Sailing our ship of gold into the future, with no-one at the helm.



What is the temperature? What is the humidity?
The human senses provide no lucidity.

What is the voltage? What are the amps?
Go get the meter and crocodile clamps.

If I ask you now, sense, what is the time?
Another failure, to add to the rhyme.

The claims of your senses, will leave you blushing.
The human senses are useful for nothing.

Have you ever measured a length? Once or twice?
I bet you've used a measuring device.

Pressure, volume, weight and density.
Colour, shade, frequency, intensity.

Seek to measure the slightest nuance.
For the mind makes up, whatever it wants.


Location of Expectation

When the world is not working, as you want it to.
Is the world the problem?
Or is the problem you?

The world is always perfect, adapting to its use.
Be positive, improve yourself, stop making excuse.

For some, no one can help.
How can the victim be resurrected?

When every well intentioned challenge,
is considered an invective.

One day soon, become your own saviour.
Profoundly disturbed, by your own behaviour.


The Essence Of Obsolescence

Our culture is obsolete, it's easy to point and mock.
Endless talk of endless war, but please don't mention c*ck.

Astrology ruins lives by restricting human potential.
Alternative medicine is bonkers, your doctor thinks you're mental.

Praying doesn't work, like the war we invoke with it.
The carbon fuel we've used for years, has to be put back from where we took it.

Food is also interesting. But, who knows how to plough?
And when was the last time you had to strangle a cow?

If you're repetitively searching, wondering why there's such confusion.
It's a fact resistant culture, that has us stuck in a delusion.

Just around the corner, neo-cortical enhance.
Copernican trauma? Disruptive cultural advance.


Pigeon Identity Hole Crisis

People who think I'm obsessed with engines. I'm a data engineer.
Ladies who think I'm too naughty. The inventive photographic gear.
Girls who see a drug lord. How else could I be wealthy?
Those who think I'm lucky. Hard work keeps karma healthy.
Stereotypes of identity, say more of you, than me.
I've very little interest, in being, what you want me to be.



A guilty pleasure. Indulging in a rant.
Knocking other people, makes us feel significant.

Belief in the con man. Elections made to steal.
Voting for what feels good, instead of what is real.


A last gasp, to leave behind. Medieval policy.
Progress favours those who live, in the 21st century.

Delirium and Ethereum

The choices of our culture, often daft and arrogant.
Nature through technology, soon makes them irrelevant.

Betamax or VHS? Another battle here I see.
In time rendered pointless, by digital and mp3.

Arguments from both sides, fierce in their engagement.
Our culture is now comedy. Enjoy the entertainment.

The spherical incompetence.
The pranks. The tactless commentary.

The PM's smile is comforting.
She knows it's ground-breaking comedy.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, you'll stand in the house and tell 'em...
"A law isn't immutable, until the ink dries on the vellum."

Choices that begin with "B". Isolation in delirium.
Digital is near. Government by contract in Ethereum.


Romantic love, only lasts for two years.
Gene pool diversity, the cause of the tears.

Once baby is walking, an end to the fears.
Time to move on, to the next partner, cheers.


Romantic relationships.
Why would you think they're clever?

Shared interests and values.
These things will last forever...

Leading Performance

Leaders aren't arrogant.
It's not an ego test.

Leaders help everyone,
perform at their best.

One Hundred

Write something powerful.
Non zero sum, compel.

Your life is an immortal book.
Aspire to write it well.


If you want to live in a country, without any immigration.
Choose a wrecked country, in chaos, as your nation.

More than just ironic. Pull those boot straps, paradoxically.
Living with choice idiots, in their self-fulfilling prophesy.

Deserted land is valueless, although it might be peaceful.
You build a powerful economy, by filling it with people.

Triune Again

The 'how' outranks the 'why',
when scientists disjoint.
Science is the method,
but emotion is the point.


How can we design, for mass manufacture.
A unit to save us, from carbon disaster.

To power our rockets, or cook up some pasta.
In every back yard, ubiquitous Sabatier.


Thorium to protactinium and then to U233.
Lithium Beryllium Fluoride. Is this where we should be?

Efficiency and safety. Stable fissile homogeneity.
Concurrent atomic processing. Closed cycle chemistry.

Pressurised water, has caused catastrophe.
Add LNT hysteria, and we think irrationally.

A modern age of nuclear. Absorb the hyperbole?
Nuclear was never as dangerous, as coal fired energy.

Euro Speculation

We've pulled away from Europe, with breath taking zeal.
The other 27, never had an interest in a deal.

The WTO rules, were always the only choice.
The other 27 swap, to mainland supplier invoice.

An exit now from brexit. Reverse A50 with the bureau?
Another negotiation, to see the UK join the Euro.


A deep love of programming.
Coding, test, rehearse.

Co-operating powerfully,
with the mathematics of the universe.


Beauty is a promise. A promise of transcendence.
Art holds beauty timeless, informing our descendants.

An accessible narrative. A subconscious uttering.
Inspiring us to rise above, our bounds and our suffering.

Astro Thought

Every day, planned and scheduled
Strategies manage emotional thought

If you want to live an amazing life
Behave like an astronaut

Ishtar X

A vision of Ishtar
Captured in resplendence
Goddess driving man
The perfect female in transcendence

Bordering on Lunacy

Goodbye to Theresa and her political disorders
Three years of potential lost, to millionaire fraudsters
Replace her with a lunatic, led in by his warders
Twenty years on from now, we won't have any borders


The universe sustains us
The gene pool needs us
The goddess encourages us
The sky calls to us

Final Projection

I'm in love with the universe.
She's all I see and everything inside.

I'm in love with the universe.
A single electron projection implied.